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Andy Frances - Site Owner


Claire Frances


Andy has fished for barbel for well over 10 years and has a personal best of 14lb 3oz caught in January 2008. Andy's passion for barbel fishing inspired him to create Barbel Fishing World as a hobby in 1996. Since then, the site has grown massively and is now the most popular barbel site on the web.

Claire has been barbel fishing for 6 years and has a personal best of 8lb 9oz. Claire is currently on maternity looking after the next generation of barbel fisherman...

Bob Gill - BFW Rod Builder & Moderator

Dr Andy Davies - BFW Site Moderator

Bob's a diamond!

He is one of Barbel Fishing World's very first and most loyal members. Bob is our very own 'bfw rods' rod builder and when he is not flex coating rods, he is one of our site moderators.

Bob has enjoyed barbel fishing for over 25 years and his knowledge and experience of barbel fishing is second to none.

Andy is one of BFW's original and loyal site members and a highly skilled barbel angler with a reputation of catching doubles! Andy's personal best is 14lb 9oz caught in November 2004.

Andy is a site moderator and plays a valuable part in the plans for future expansion of bfw.

Andy Thatcher - BFW Site Moderator

Paul Whiteing - BFW Technical Support and site Administrator.


Yes another Andy!

Andy has 30 years of successful barbel fishing experience so knows his stuff! Andy has supported BFW from the very beginning and was BFW's very first member.

Andy moderates the site all the way from the USA!




Paul has been fishing for barbel for 40 years so it comes as no suprise that he is the master of the Centrepin, and has a personal best of 12lb 5oz! (not the one pictured)

Paul does a superb job of managing BFW tech support, compiling the BFW FAQ's, maintaining the BFW Archives plus managing the reviews and articles sections of the site.

Paul Matty - BFW Site Moderator
Mark 'Hatter' Anderson - BFW Site Moderator

Paul Matty

Paul is a life-long all round angler. He caught his 1st Barbel from the Bristol Avon on his 17th birthday and has fished for them on and off ever since, though more seriously for the last 15 years. His greatest achievement was catching the 11-1 from the Marden after 12 years of fishing it. In recent seasons he's made more effort to expand his list of rivers and has now caught barbel from the following:- Trent, Severn, Taff, Teme, Kennet, Loddon, Warks Avon, Bristol Avon, Hants Avon, Marden, Wye.

Paul also enjoys trotting on chalkstreams for Grayling and Roach, a 3lber of both being his next ambition.



Next year (2014) I will have been fishing for 50 years, thank god my dad and uncle got me the fishing gear for my birthday, as it sent me on a path that ran alongside water of some kind. Fished for everything, but love carp fishing, and would still be doing that if it was not for climbing trees, and stalking barbel with Sue, in gin clear water that reignited a spark that was missing in the crowded carp waters. Most times you will find me fishing with my wife Sue, sometimes with our dog Tyson, and a lot of the time my son James, always with the kettle on. I hope in the future that I will be spend lots of time fishing with my grandson Eddie, and hope there are enough barbel  around for him to catch one. Bring a cup when you see us.



BS Conference - May 2005

In the bar!



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