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Enterprise Rod Rest Head

Designed primarily for the river angler, the Specialist Rod Rests has an added benefit of an illuminated head for any night fishing situation. There are 4 powerful re-chargeable luminous glowsticks that illuminate the clear head to assist rod placement at night. Glow sticks can be replaced if desired with 2 high power isotopes using the silicone tube provided.

The unique design of the Specialist Rod Rests allows a sideways strike and prevents the rod from being dragged in.

Price: £3.99


John Roberts Barbel Rest

Everything the Barbel and River angler needs from a front rest:

Holds the rod securely preventing those lovely rod wrenching bits ripping the rod from the rest. Yet allowing you to make low angle strikes. Extra deep line slot for better sensitivity when you need to touch leger. Rod friendly thermo plastic rubber.

Price: £2.60


John Roberts Barbel Rest (Luminous)

As above though luminous for easy rod placement at night.

Price: £2.60


Enterprise Specialist Rear Rod Rest

Our Specialist Rear Rod Rest has been designed to assist rod placement and location at night, and give a secure grip on either duplon, cork or rod blanks.

Clear with rechargeable luminous inserts.

Price: £4.95