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Gardner Dumbell Boilie Stops

These dumbell stops are in-line hair stops rather than on a credit card size sprig. Easy to nibble off with your teeth!

Price from: £0.99



Hair Rig Boilie Spike

Suitable for use with all types of boilie. Two lengths, longer version ideal for double baits and snowman rigs. Both sizes can be cut to suit any size of bait. No fiddly hair stops, re-bait in seconds. Simply tie to hair and push in to bait.

Price: £1.60


Enterprise Bait Cage

Made from soft neutrally buoyant plastic that is virtually invisible in water, the Bait Cages offer the angler a new concept in bait presentation, making it possible to present baits in a way like never before. Baits such as caster and hemp can be squashed once inside the cage to release juices and oils, sweetcorn pulp can be squeezed out of its skin into the cage to produce a juicy sweetcorn ball.

5 per pack.

Boilie crumb, mini pellets, chopped worm, paste can all be used individually or mixed in the cage to give an enticing hook bait, that crayfish and small nuisance fish cannot destroy. Eight or nine large maggots will produce a writhing ball, that fish find irresistible as they get stuck trying to escape through the mesh.

Thread one of the discs onto the hair rig first before attaching the bait cage open end facing up the hair. Secure with a hair stop beneath the solid base. Once filled, slide the disc down to seal the opening.

Price: £3.95


Enterprise Meat Mate

A specially designed hair device for use with meat baits. Fits perfectly onto a no-knot hair rig and means you can fish soft baits confident that they have stayed on during the cast. 8 per pack.

Price: £1.95


Paste Mate Hair

The Pastemate hair rig version is a quick and simple to use hair rig replacement, that can be easily removed should a change of bait be required.

Price: £1.95


Enterprise Worm Stops

The Worm Stop is a simple but effective soft rubber stop, that prevents lively worms wriggling off a barbless or semi-barbless hook.

Pack includes mounting tool.

Price: £1.50


Bait Anchor Hair

The hair version comes in two lengths to suit 14mm and 18mm boilies, both have a 10mm long hair that is relatively stiff to make bait rejection difficult, but can be also be stretched slightly to produce a more supple hair if required.

Price: £1.40