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A Fish For All Seasons - Martin Bowler

Signed by Martin Bowler

Over 30 years ago a jam jar, net and shoal of sticklebacks were enough to ignite a passion that would last a lifetime. The boy who spent all day paddling in a stream could never have imagined where this adventure would take him. Record breaking fish, a professional angler, Angling times columnist and television shows all lay in store, although best of all his love for the greatest field sport would burn as fiercely as the first day a fish found it way into the palm of his hand, opening a door to a world full of wonder and joy.

So join Martin as he takes you through, not only his personal voyage, but that of the British countryside and the wonderful fish that inhabit its rich waters. From carp to conger eels and onto salmon, few have experienced so much. Allow A Fish For All Seasons to help you celebrate our unique and magnificent environment as well as come to understand a little better the angler Martin Bowler.

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Practical Barbel Fishing (by Graham Marsden)

Barbel fishing has never been more popular. Amongst specialist river anglers the barbel is now the premier fish and, taking coarse fishing as a whole, barbel is second only to carp. The substantial growth in barbel fishing has been accompanied by a great thirst for knowledge about this hard-fighting and fascinating species, and books have been published to help both the beginner and the highly advanced barbel angler. This book, however, is aimed squarely at the intermediate level and will be valuable to the experienced angler who has decided it is time he tried his hand at barbel fishing.

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Barbel Rivers and Captures

In 2004 the Barbel Catchers released their second print offering, 'Barbel Rivers and Captures'. Containing chapters written by BCC members with local river knowledge on virtually every British river that had produced barbel of 10lb and over at the time. Chapters also outlined how the Barbel Catchers records for the river were caught providing insights into problems overcome.

This book covers equipment, technique and tactics in detail, but it is more than an instructional manual: it conveys the authors' excitement for the sport, and there are anecdotes and stories of success and failure at the bankside.

Fully illustrated and with an entertaining text, it will be an enjoyable and informative read for all barbel anglers

`This is the best writing on barbel ever produced, past and present, and one of the best angling reads I've had in a long time.' Barrie Rickards

Every barbel angler should own a copy!

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River Carping by Neil Wayte

Reissued edition June 2010

Many rivers, canals and drainage systems provide excellent opportunities for the carp angler looking for a change from crowded still waters. In this book, some of the most experienced river carp anglers pass on their knowledge of running water carp fishing throughout England.

Topics include: fishing secrets of the countrys top carp fishermen; tactics; tackle; choosing the ideal location; section-by-section breakdowns of several rivers and photographs of prize catches.

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Perch Contemporary Days and Ways

Devastated by disease in the early 1970s, perch are becoming more widespread - recolonising their former domains - and an interest in perch fishing has re-kindled. Inspired by this new enthusiasm, John Bailey and Roger Miller had produced this, the first major study of the species. The bulk of the book comprises tales of successful perch fishing trips of the 1980s, but there is also a brief history of Perch Disease, advice on choice of rigs and tackles and information on the use of fish-recorders in perch fishing.

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