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Hi Stuart.
Your question is a bit difficult to answer in a paragraph or two, and it can depend on the type of river you're fishing. By that I mean big, small fast or slow, drain, dyke or if it has a separate flood channel etc.
I prefer high pressure but have caught at other times. Reasonable water clarity is best even when dead baiting, as river pike often hole up tight under the bank in turbid conditions just gathering lice.
The key is a mobile approach, unless you know of a good area and are willing to sit it out waiting for that quick winter feeding spell.
When the weed has died back I personally prefer to rove with one rod and float ledger a dead bait sometimes covering a couple of miles on some venues.
After a while you get to know the hotspots and where the bigger fish move to when river conditions change and preferred spawning areas.
If the big fish get hit to hard they often move. If my first fish from a swim is a jack, I often move as well !
I'd best stop now as I'm sure yer eyes are starting to glaze over
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