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Just thought I'd update this, thought it would be nice to keep it rolling through the coming season as a kind of blog to see how things progress and wether I truly do "improve my corse fishing".
I've had a fair while off, particularly from the rivers. December was bleak and I couldn't find the Chub, so I squeezed in a few sessions on some of the clubs still waters for silver fish. With the wife becoming less mobile I was off the banks through January and our Daughter arrived, all 8lb 10oz of her kicking and screaming on January 24th after a 19 hour labour on one hours sleep for us both. Those two weeks off were a blur but I'm happy to report we're starting to get it right sometimes and today was my first session back on the river. With march on the horizon.
When while I've signed up for a charity half marathon in October and I've got my toy car in 1000 pieces that have got to go back together for a track day in early summer.
Back on the fishing. Sleep deprived I realised I hadn't actually sorted out what I was doing or where I was going this morning. My cheese paste, which I totally forgot about has gone mouldy. I've been watching the wether though and I thought I'd get away with a pellet approach. Sadly I didn't arrive at Throop till 9 and had to get back for stuff at home for 12 and hopped from swim to swim spending about 45 minutes or so in each, well you guessed it blank. Talking to others some were doing well others blanking and this coupled with the match report last week tells a tale that the Chub at least are very much tucked up in tight shoals still.
So now I'm walking back up river to the Car. I'm looking to spend the last two weekends of the session on North end farm with fingers desperatly crossed attempting to grab an end of session Barbel.
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