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As Dave says, numerous factors rather than just weather, and adopting a roving approach is indeed essential.

I will say that in my experience the only weather that really seems to put them off is very strong wind - I don't think I've EVER caught a pike from anywhere with any tactic when a gale has been blowing - but no doubt others' mileage has varied.

Given your location and other forum posts, I'm assuming we're talking the Bristol Avon? Whilst there are plenty of pike in there, and all the way through, much like the drains on the Somerset levels "better" fish are very few and far between - a low 20 from the BA (and the levels) is a rare and exceptional fish, whilst in many other parts of the country it wouldn't be too far off the average. And fish of 25-30lb are almost unheard of - I think I'm right in saying that the current BA record of 33lb, caught in the 90s, is the only 30+ fish that has come out (or at least reported) of there for the best part of 20 years. So I would also say, just so you're not disappointed, that lowering your expecations may also be a requirement.

There have long been discussions in pike fishing circles for decades as to why the pike around here don't seem to grow to the same size as many other similar river and drain systems around the country, but no one has come up with a definitive answer. Most of us have just shrugged our shoulders and accepted it whilst we wait to win the Chew Valley Lake ticket lottery...
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