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Thanks for that Dave. I do spend a bit of time down in Cornwall and fancy giving sea fishing a go from the shore. I just need to find a local guide that can show me the ropes and get me started.

I know what you mean about vertigo- I suffer from it badly. The most embarrassing episode was on Biblins Bridge over the Wye in Symonds Yat. I was fishing quite happily on the East side but could see some lovely looking swims on the opposite bank. I paced up and down near the wobbly bridge trying to convince myself that crossing it wasn't going to bring about a certain and painful death.

I decided it was probably best to attempt the perilous crossing when there was absolutely no one else around which meant waiting for ages. And then the moment arrived and the coast was clear. Up the set of steps I went and when I got to the top I made the mistake of looking over the side which was a bit of a bowel opener. I crouched down as low as I could and with all my gear shuffled slowly across the bridge. I was almost half way when 3 kids, probably under 10 years old, appeared on the other side of the bridge on bikes, heading straight towards me. It was mortifying. They were doing wheelies and I was virtually on my belly in a sweaty heap of fishing tackle and bait. They were super confident and super impatient kids (or as I muttered under my breathe, little shi*s) and either wanted me to hurry the hell up or, my preference, go home in shame immediately and stick forks in my eyes. Instead I reversed very slowly and methodically. Of course by now a family of anoraks including supercharged chubby children were waiting to cross and the kerb crackers were making the bridge shake violently as they enthusiastically munched their way through smaller children or goats (I couldn't quite tell). They were also tutting and saying very unpleasant things about me and my obvious lack of courage and tiny undercarriage. I did eventually make it back allowing all other bridge users to go about their business, oblivious to the immense stress I had just endured.

Not one to be easily beaten, I did eventually get across that day and promptly blanked. That moment of triumph when I made it across the bridge quickly evaporated though as I was stressing about the journey back.
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