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Just to update, with little one taking up so much time the season ended before I had chance to do much. Other projects took over my free time and aside from a few floater fishing trips for puddle pigs, which was great fun, one afternoon I had about 30. All in light gear.
The new season started and saw me starting at 4am. I chose my familiar water Beat 2 of Throop. I was delighted on my second swim to see a Barbel, about 9/10lb. Average for Throop, but Barbel aren't a regular site on the Stour these days. I fired out some pellet and it didn't spook, nor did it get stuck in. The Chub moved in though and taking on board the advice given I lengthened my hair length. 40 minutes of rod tip rattling and plucking and it started to go quiet, I peeked over the foliage to see no site of the Barb and the Chub had also backed off. I rested the swim and kept checking back over the next few hours to find the Barbel had not returned. Popped upstream to a known Chub holding area and banked one around 4lb, still hollow from spawn. That concludes my first five hours on the bank this season.
Today I popped to my new campaign fishery. After walking a good mile in beautiful surroundings, bitten to death by flies and sun burnt I only made a few casts. Today was a fact finding mission really. I did manage to find a pair of plump Barbs on a gravel patch. A spray of pellet didn't interest them, in fact they simply drifted away. In fairness it was mid day and bright as it can get.
I'm confident in my presentation, but I think the weak link is my swim preparation.
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