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If you are getting hook pulls then you usually need to look at your hooks and how heavily you play your Roach.What you might find is the hook is opening,releasing the roach and then returning to its shape(so looks fine).Try a heavier wired hook and playing the fish with soft hands(a bit hard to explain but being very careful /gentle playing the fish).you could also try lengthening the hooklength to enable the fish to take the bait better.What do you use as bait at the moment and what rod and terminal tackle?. Try using a soft action feeder rod like a bomb rod.Fish a small open end feeder,liquidised bread(sieved finely) and punched bread on the hook.Use the large fox or drennan punches and you can then fish a bigger hook,size 10 or 12. If you can trot, then fish a float with bulked shot down with a dropper shot by the hook,the same punched bread on the same size hook feeding regularly a small ball of liquidised bread.Sometimes Roach just do not play ball and you hook them very lightly during the day,and they often come off, that last hour of daylight can be, 'swallow anything' for roach and you can get away with stronger tackle
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