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Originally Posted by Chris Thomson View Post
Only asking Neil, apologies if my questions irritate you, just asking advice from those whose experience of fishing pellets is greater than mine, i'll ask elsewhere
Sorry if I was unreasonable Chris, but please don't get too wrapped up in worrying about braid or anything else when fishing pellet. I find the main criteria is probably hook size for the size of pellet, make sure the pellet does not effect the hook hold, tbh I find mono as good if not better than any other material, if you need to pin it down, a small shot a few inches from the hook is just fine. I do take care about length of hair and how the pellet looks, but then again plenty of folks use bands, which rather proves Barbel are not as fussed as we seem to be.
I don't use any longer than a 12'' hook length normally and keep the 'furniture on the line to a minimum, a simple running rig with a bead and swivel, anything else might spook. Of course a bit of loose feeding will get them into a frame of mind... they will be quite bold.
If you haven't already check out the Hinders pellets, and on their website they currently have a good presentation tip from none other than Andy Little.
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