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Default Kamasan Swinging Rod Rest by Mike Berridge

Kamasan Swinging Rod Rest by Mike Berridge

I had one of these many years ago but never saw them for sale anywhere. Then in my local tackle shop the other day I saw that Kamasan have re-introduced them.

The rod rest is all plastic, black and red and as you can see in the photo. The red bit, is a bit gaudy, but you can see it very easily in low light conditions.

It is weighted at the bottom so always at the right angle no matter what angle the rod rest is put in the ground at.

The only downside, is the plastic thread but if you don't take it out of the bank stick it won't wear.

As a rod rest head they are superb and at only 1.70, they must be the bargain of the year!

I think they are that good, I bought two!

BFW score 9 out of 10 (would be 10 if thread wasn't plastic)

Mike Berridge

August 2003