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Default The "ENERGIZER" Twin Led Headlight Mike Berridge (Barbule)

The "ENERGIZER" Twin Led Headlight by Mike Berridge (Barbule)

Energizer Headlight - New on the Market

Details and Features

Weighs in at an incredible 3ozs with the 3 AAA batteries! It is very light. The strap is nice and broad so it won't slip and the back of the battery pack has a duplon type pad to it so it doesn't feel wet or sticky after an hours wear. The light cluster tilts from level to at least 120 degrees downwards, so close up work is easy. It contains 2 "White" and 1 "Red" LEDs operated by a single sliding switch on the top. Off in the middle, right for white and left for red.

In Use

I have had this headlight on review for six weeks now and I must admit I wouldn't be with out it; it has performed excellently and still going strong with the original set of batteries! The 2 white LEDs are perfect for finding your way down dark riverbank paths and when netting fish there is more than enough light. Using the single red LED improves night vision adjustment. There is enough light to perform baiting up operations etc.
White and Red Light


An excellent headlight.
Good battery consumption.
Seems waterproof.
Comfortable Strap.
Good for close up work.

Price and Availability
From T Smith 0797 9366201 or Dave Middlemore 0795 2508468 Price 12.50 Inc postage & packing

BFW Score 9 out of 10

When compared to other headlights at this price it is unbeatable.

Mike Berridge (Barbule)
July 2004
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