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Default Fox Barbel Shake 'N' Dry Sling by Paul Thompson

Fox Barbel Shake 'N' Dry Sling by Paul Thompson

This sling fits nicely in the "simple things are often the best" category! I came across this product last season, whilst looking for a replacement for the very large carp weigh sling I was carrying when on sessions for Barbel. Here Fox have managed to combine a simple idea with some lateral thinking and have come up with a winner in my book.

The sling is constructed of a single piece of soft polyester mesh, and measures 940mm x 680mm, which folds over to create the sling, thereby measuring 940mm x 340mm. There are two handles for lifting the sling with the fish inside, and these are made from webbed nylon and have very comfortable duplon grips covering them, to stop them digging into the palm. As you fold the sling in half, these handles meet and provide a safe system of lifting and weighing the fish.

There are zipped fastenings at either end of the sling. These zips protrude outwards, and are covered on the inside of the sling to protect any fish. They secure the ends allowing the fish to be held safely and act as a means of putting the fish back in the river safely. Once weighed, you simply place the fish in the sling back in the river, with the head upstream. Holding the handles in one hand, unzip the upstream end of the sling with the other hand, and support the fish until it swims out of the sling under its own steam. A simple, but extremely effective concept.

To weigh the fish, two strong nylon cords are attached to either side of the sling with the handles. These have metal rings on them to hook onto the scales.

The dry weight of the sling is approximately ten ounces. The mesh dries very quickly, and packs away small enough to place in a side pouch of the Fox Stalker bucket, along with a set of Avon sized scales. Cost around 15.

Overall, a very well made, well designed product, which helps you to weigh and return a barbel, safely and with minimum fuss.

BFW score

10 out of 10

Paul Thompson April 2003
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