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Old 05-07-2013, 00:19
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Originally Posted by Ian Crook View Post
Richard, for every million anglers in favour of killing otters (as that is what is meant by control), there would be ten million people against it, this is a battle we could never win in a civilised society.

Of course we should still join the AT for many other reasons and to fight the battles we can win
I would agree Crooky, but i would say the same about the Badger culls that are now going ahead if you conducted a Poll of the general public, but i don't see many, apart from the usual protest groups up in arms about it.

By the way i'm not advocating Otter culling, but i do feel, at least in certain areas that the population should be controlled, and brought down to natural levels, though i think it's a bit late in the day now ! ... the horse has bolted !

The EA, in fact the government were wrong to just stand by year on year and watch unatural levels of introductions of Otters into certain waterways, in fact crimminaly wrong in my opinion.
You know i have no problem with populations of Otters that i believe were natural, and have thrived because of better habitat, and water quality, but what happened in Norfolk, and Bedfordshire, makes me Rage !

The people involved in it should have done time, exactly the same as the animal rights activists that released the mink, no difference whatsoever in my opinion, but as i said the horse has bolted now !

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Old 05-07-2013, 01:37
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Interesting reading - but too much anger and energy expended on something you can't change .
The most salient point was - are you a member of the Angling Trust ?
If not , join - NOW .
For the price of a weekends bait it is the ONLY way we can influence anything in our favour .
As far as the expanding otter population goes - you won't stop it - but take heart from the fact thet it isn't just anglers who have started to notice an imbalance { I can only speak for my local Dorset Stour } as I have on my wanderings started to come across bird watchers who have seen the reduction in bird life { some have been RSPB and have been open about their concerns } - I have noticed the silence of a river with no clucking moorhens for one .
It won't stop the number of huge barbel being in decline { but they were only there for a few years realistacally } but it may help get at least a count done of otters . As far as I can find out , there was never a proper plan to monitor the numbers of such a protected top end predator , strange ?
The other group who seem to be best allied are the ornamental / koi owners - they are understandably upset to find their pets chewed up on the lawn .
Let's not forget the lovely proposition of otters running around town - have heard it compared to foxes - but they are rather less the scavenger than foxes , so when tibbles gets let out at night and doesn't return ????
We can't predict , but I think in 10 years time otters won't be thought of as quite so cuddly .
It matters not for now .
Go out and enjoy fishing - just adjust your aims .
But certainly , join the AT --- NOW .
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Old 05-07-2013, 12:42
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they thought cormorants were safe from change.
NOW THEY AINT, because so many anglers were complaing on web and press media that eventually the politicians stopped counting their perks and their cash and got off their backsides before their jbs wre jeopardised
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Old 05-07-2013, 15:47
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Originally Posted by Richard Lee View Post
The most salient point was - are you a member of the Angling Trust ?
If not , join - NOW .
Originally Posted by Richard Longmuir View Post
I wonder how many reading these are signed up to the Angling Trust?It is good moaning about predation,pollution and poor recruitment want we really need is to combine our voices under one banner and then we can be powerful enough to lobby Parliament and force change.
I like the idea of the AT in that angling will have one true voice - however, i decided to hold back on my membership to the AT after the error by their PR/Medi dept (or whoever it was) that , in my opinion, recklessly released a statement about shooting the seal that is causing havoc in my beloved Teme and Severn. The backlash against the angling fraternity in the local media was massive and still is (check the Worcester News) following these statements where all the non-fishing folk lambasted all angers as evil for wanting to shoot the seal. Whilst this is a separate point to what this post is about, the AT by releasing this statement actually managed to damage the interests of fisherman and not protect them as they intend to do so. This is the reason i have not signed up yet as i was a little bit disgruntled at having to defend my favourite hobby to every Tom, Dick and Harry that moaned about how evil fisherman are!
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