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Old 11-11-2017, 11:16
David Clewer David Clewer is offline
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Quite agree, Ian, but how many anglers would pay to go tench fishing compared to the number that carp fish? That's the problem. Clubs/owners will stick with the fish that people want to catch... The best hope is for a tench project to be set up along the lines of the crucian project, although many of the new crucian waters are also being stocked with tench as they do not pose a threat to the crucians.

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Old 11-11-2017, 13:19
Ian Barker Ian Barker is offline
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Default carp overstocking

totally agree crucians are better alternative totally , as they do not grow as big not threat to other species .
tench facts tench thrive in clear weedy water good quality water take away the weed you take away the tench .
the facts
1. too many carp will colour the water an out compete other species an eat the weed .
2. an overstocked water will lead to poor water quality , reduced growth , disease outbreaks , imbalance in food chain , ( plants an inverterbrates )
3. removal of weed will damage a fishery . less food an an lack areas to spawn on an will alter the eco system .
carp need restriction on were there allowed to be stocked .
an lastly for those that moan about weed answer is simple , fish the tench waters in prime months april ,may june before weed takes control. then just move else were or rivers .
If you want quality tench waters , the weed is all part of it .
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