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Adam Francis 20-03-2017 23:00

Anyone got the Tench rods out yet?
Been looking at the weather and might have a go for the Tench at the end of the week. Just wondering if it's going to be warm enough just yet or whether we need a little more sunshine.

Anyone been out after tench yet and if so have the fish been feeding?

Steve Roffey 21-03-2017 08:34

Had a try last Thursday, enjoyed the change and some warm sunshine, however the tench did not put in an appearance. Hoping that last year's pattern repeats as it was my second trip that produced then, will let you know in two days!

Steve Lewis 21-03-2017 09:02

I'm going to give it a few more weeks yet - despite a mild couple of weeks, we've had another cold snap down here in the South West (temp in my neck of the woods - near Bath - was 2 degrees at 6 this morning), which is set to stick around until at least the end of this week, with max day time temps struggling to hit double figures.

In fact, I might even just leave it until May - wait for some weed and pad growth.

Can't wait, though - I concentrated on barbel and pike almost exclusively last season and, in fact, did no stillwater fishing at all.

Adam Francis 21-03-2017 11:46

Not sure I can wait until May to be honest, I'll be going stir crazy by then! I might have a go at the weekend but do think we need a little more consistent warm weather before they really start showing. Thing is, unless you try - you'll never know!

Steve Lewis 21-03-2017 12:49

Indeed Adam - you won't catch anything sat at home. I'll let you brave the last throws of winter, though ;)

Graham Elliott 21-03-2017 14:47

If the perch are anything to go by they could spawn early.

Mid April for me given a few days of mild weather. As in Bath....light frost this morning.

Adam Francis 21-03-2017 16:03

Had a walk round one of the lakes I'll be fishing at lunchtime & my god that wind is cold!! Think I'll hold off until the end of the month, hopefully the conditions will be a bit better, for fish & angler!

Bill Walford 21-03-2017 16:53

My mate managed 3 to 5lb and a 2lb+ Crucian"cross" one morning late last week. That was when the mild spell was still with us.....the morning before he had one bite, was mesmerised by the float going under and made a pigs ear of striking !!

Steve Roffey 23-03-2017 23:47

Despite the cold east wind today the tench showed up for me, had 4 in a short (5 hour) session, best one going 6.12 with a backup male of 5.13.

Bill Walford 20-04-2017 21:18

Can anyone help please ? Looking for a day ticket fishery near Fareham in Hampshire where I can take my mate of many, many years. Dave is a very, very occasional dabbler and I will be spending a long weekend with him in early June. I would like to take him after a Tench or two using float tactics. Any suggestions please? I've done a Google search and most that comes up are club Fisheries needing membership.

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