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Graham Elliott 05-05-2017 21:19

Nice 2.1 from local lake today.

Along with 85 carp 4-10lb for 450lbish..
Yes. I know!

Dave Durrant 05-05-2017 22:19

Well it was worth ploughing through those 85 carp :D

Rod Fowler 07-05-2017 12:19

Cracking roach Graham, and the carp should keep you in trim for 16 June :)

Mark Mole 07-05-2017 16:55


Originally Posted by Graham Elliott (Post 203767)
Nice 2.1 from local lake today.

Along with 85 carp 4-10lb for 450lbish..
Yes. I know!

85 carp Graham!!!!,you should take on that Ringer bloke.I think I had 85 casts Friday,but alas not one tench.

Graham Elliott 07-05-2017 19:08

Yes it was a bit silly. That Howard Bloke went Saturday and only managed about 50. Hindered by a centrepin
( smiley)
I am trying to find a way of just trying for the roach....but even hemp and caster midwater might bring in the hordes.
No Super G groundbait next time though!!!

Graham Elliott 07-05-2017 19:09

Mark. If it makes you feel any better, 3 sessions near to where we chatted......sfa.

Howard Cooke 07-05-2017 20:26

They basically filled the lake with carp and then added water. But a shoddy effort by me I must say. But I did at least manage 1 silver fish, a pretty Rudd that might have tipped the scales at 4oz. First Rudd I've caught in over 10 years I reckon.

Getting to the big roach is going to be quite a challenge.

Dave Durrant 07-05-2017 23:01

Fish it in the winter :p

Anthony Fitchie 28-08-2017 17:52

Started putting more effort into targeting roach on my local river this year. Although i'm landing a fair few between the 1-1.5lb bracket, I seem to be losing a lot of the better fish due to hook pulls. Lost an absolute corker a couple of months back...devastated me for weeks!

Can any of you lads advise how you avoid hook pulls when targeting roach?

I should mention that I mainly fish for them on the tip at the minute. I have tried incorporating 6inch of drennan feeder gum to the hooklink, which has help somewhat, but still losing more than I believe I should be.

Mark Swaby 28-08-2017 18:48

If you are getting hook pulls then you usually need to look at your hooks and how heavily you play your Roach.What you might find is the hook is opening,releasing the roach and then returning to its shape(so looks fine).Try a heavier wired hook and playing the fish with soft hands(a bit hard to explain but being very careful /gentle playing the fish).you could also try lengthening the hooklength to enable the fish to take the bait better.What do you use as bait at the moment and what rod and terminal tackle?. Try using a soft action feeder rod like a bomb rod.Fish a small open end feeder,liquidised bread(sieved finely) and punched bread on the hook.Use the large fox or drennan punches and you can then fish a bigger hook,size 10 or 12. If you can trot, then fish a float with bulked shot down with a dropper shot by the hook,the same punched bread on the same size hook feeding regularly a small ball of liquidised bread.Sometimes Roach just do not play ball and you hook them very lightly during the day,and they often come off, that last hour of daylight can be, 'swallow anything' for roach and you can get away with stronger tackle

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