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Default Korum KXI freespin 50 reel.

Korum KXI50 Freespin 50 Reel.

The reel I received from Korum is the smaller of the three in the KXI range, with the others being a 60 sized and 80 sized reel.
The KXI 50 holds between 280 yards of 4lb line - up to 160 yards of 12lb line (approx), which is perfectly fine for almost all Barbel fishing.

I spooled mine with 10lb mono, which went on nice and smooth with a good line lay, which is important for good casting.

The reel has a good quality feel about it.
It's balanced and the double handles are comfortable to use.

It comes with two spools, a metal and a plastic spool.

I've used this reel with a variety of rods now, including the Neoteric XS Twintop Power and the Martin Bowler Barbel rod.
The reel sits nicely on both rods, as you'd expect.
The clutch is smooth and gives a real confidence when playing fish.

Its 'freespin' (baitrunner) facility works well, with no worries about whether it has engaged or not. Sadly on the Okuma reel of a similar size I own, I find I have to double check every time, to make sure its actually engaged!

I do have one or two little gripes about the KXI though.
Firstly I've noticed that sometimes the reel does feel like the anti-reverse is off, even though it isn't.
Every now and then, when winding in, there is a small amount of back wind on the handle. It could just be something particular with my reel, but it is a little disconcerting.

The second thing is, I noticed that a small amount of black paint from the body of the reel case has started to peal off.
I guess this is all down to cost, but I'd have liked it to last a little longer before showing signs of paint flaking.

Despite these minor gripes, the reel as a whole has performed admirably, in some very testing conditions.

The Korum KXI freespin 50 retails at around 50.

BFW Rating:
Performance 7.5/10
Value 8/10

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