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Default Okuma Interceptor IBF40

Now, I know many that read this are Shimano fans so I have some work to do.

Lets start with the facts; it is a medium sized reel with a free-spool facility and is aimed at the specimen/ general coarse angling market, it is suitable for braid, has a number of bearings, front drag and rear free-spool adjustment. It is part of a range of reels IBF30, 40, 50, 65. IBF30 being the smallest, sizing apparently not that dissimilar to the Shimano reels.

To draw a sensible comparison I've used a 5000GTE baitrunner for the past month or so. Both reels offer same or similar features and capabilities, the drag on the Shimano seemed to be very 'sticky' and would no doubt benefit from some attention, both of the drag/ clutch mechanisms on the Okuma seem to be faultlessly smooth and reliable. Line lay on both seems similarly good (not that different to an old Mitchell Match) and the bale arms do things as they should, nice and positive, the Okuma's being a bit larger.

Handles - since dabbling with both these reels I'm now quite a fan of double handles, the Shimano's being a nice compact size and comfortable, the Okuma's being very comfortable but large. I've since fitted the handle from a smaller model and it is now excellent. Okuma's agent has been very efficient and helpful.

Robustness - the owner of the Shimano assures me that it has suffered from a year or two of abuse, and this angler is practical rather than precious with his kit. The Okuma has weathered a seasons worth of knocks and use and still performs as well as it did. Both reels remain smooth and reliable with no obvious signs of wear barring the drag on the Shimano.

Incidentally both reels are equal in weight.

The economics, for much less than the price of a well used baitrunner you can buy the Okuma with confidence that it'll do the same job, in fact the Okuma is probably cheaper than the cost of servicing the Shimano. (crazy as it is to think of these things as disposable items - unfortunately that is the stark reality unless you service things yourself).

For 30 I don't think you can go wrong, a strong and robust capable tool with very good backup service, and a years guarantee which I've had no reason to use.

I hope you agree this is an objective and reasoned view of a quality product, which is inexpensive and durable. I'd just like all my kit to be lighter and more compact, but that's wish list stuff.


assuming you don't need a label on your reel, and that it remains reliable then it has to be a good buy. TRY ONE!

BFW Rating 9/10

Rob Alexander

June 2003
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