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Default Penrose Ajusta-Blox System - Product Code PAS 23 by Bob Gill

Penrose Ajusta-Blox System - Product Code PAS 23 by Bob Gill


I was looking for something that would enable me to make use of my fishing chair as a suitable base for attaching my banksticks for fishing hard banks and when fishing from the river itself. True, I had a tripod but wanted something 'in between' tripod and bankstick. Whilst pondering of how I might make something up, I decided to have a search round for anything that could be used or easily adapted. Much to my surprise I came across a ready made piece of kit - The Penrose Ajusta-Blox System.

The Penrose Ajusta-Blox System


The photograph above shows what you get in the Penrose Product Code PAS 23 package - nice to see that you get two lengths of Allen bolt together with the corresponding Allen key. The Ajusta-Blox is designed to fit chairs/bedchairs with both round and square sections up to and including approx 25 mm or 1".

The Ajusta Arm has a total length of approximately 350 mm (14" ish )and the whole kit of bits weighs in at a reassuring 650 g (approx 1 lb 6 ounces). The hand wheels are fairly chunky and allow easy tightening while making adjustments.

Penrose Ajusta-Blox System Attached to Chair Leg

The Ajusta-Blox took only a matter of minutes to attach to my chair and if a suitable position on the chair is chosen it may be possible to fold the chair flat as normal.

Chair, Ajusta Blox, Storm Pole with Rod and Reel

In Use

Found this to be a very useful piece of kit, especially useful for hard or rocky banks and also touch legering. The Ajusta-Blox provides a stable and firm method of attaching storm poles or bank sticks to a chair. There are other uses and arrangements - two rod set ups, bait tables etc.

One word of warning, be prepared for some strange 'bites' if you fidget in your chair!


Excellent piece of kit, some of my mates have already bought them and are impressed.


For the Ajusta-Blox 'System' Penrose Product Code PAS 23 as reviewed - 14.99.


Penrose stockists - details of other Penrose products can be found on their website - Penrose

Bob Gill

July 2004
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