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Default Enterprise Night Light Holder by Andy Thatcher

Enterprise Night Light Holder by Andy Thatcher

A combination of a neoprene style inner and a moulded plastic outer that encircle the tip of the rod. The softer plastic inside protects your rod. A raised section of the plastic moulding is designed so a clear piece of tubing fits over it to hold the device together. A starlight or betalight fits inside tubing.

Available in three different versions covering quivertips to rods of 2lb plus test curve.

In Use
I have been using the Enterprise Nightlight Holder for 4 months and found the following benefits.

Virtually tangle free.

Easy to fix to the rod in seconds.

Simple to remove in seconds.

Does not damage the rod.

Gives an unhindered view of the nightlight you are using.

If you use two on a rod you get a perspective on the movement of the nightlight nearest the tip. Meaning that every little twitch is noticed.

Every now and then a little bit of kit appears that makes you do one of two things. Those being whooping with joy or scratching your head asking yourself why didn�t I think of that. This is one of those.

I have tried various methods of attaching beta-starlight�s to my rods. From a whipped on piece of rubber rig tubing to clip on starlights and all are prone to tangling usually at the most awkward moment. This Enterprise product will from time to time but I have found that with the Holder placed as close to the tip ring as you can it is a rarity compared to the others.

Due to the ease of putting the Nightlight holder on you can easily pop it on to the rod when you need a nightlight if you wish. I leave mine on my rods permanently with the betalights in place as they help with bite indication.

Not only do I think they are a great idea but I have my opinion endorsed by leading think tanks Double T and Leslies Insight who sell this product in their ranges.

You maybe thinking that I have lost the plot being so effusive over what after all is a simple product but I have spent years trying to find the best way of attaching betalights to my rods.

I do not have to search anymore!


Available through BFW at 2.25.

Go to The BFW On Line Shop

BFW Rating

No doubt 10 out of 10

Andy Thatcher

August 2001
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