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Default Korum Mulit-mat.

Korum Multi-mat.

Unhooking mats always raise a few issues on the forums.

Some anglers swear by them, and others feel they are not required in a lot of circumstances, where long grass is available.

Me personally, I like to use one.

I brought my Korum Multi-mat around 5 years ago.

I was looking for a mat that was light and easily transportable, that I could slip into the back of my chair or attach to a rucksack without too much and trouble, but was big enough to handle decent sized Barbel and Pike.

I also used mine as a seat, when roving the likes of the River Teme, where you can cover miles in a day and you really don't want to burden yourself with a chair.

The Multi-Mat from Korum is ideal for the roving angler.

Made from closed cell foam, which doesn't absorbed water, the mat folds down into a third or its size and is held together by a Velcro strip and 'D' ring. It also has a neat 'kneeling pad' which is a useful addition and a flap to cover the fishes head. I'm not sure about the 'Fish retaining head cover to keep fish calm' though, as it seems a little unnecessary and not something I've ever felt the need to use, but overall its a well made piece of kit that has withstood the test of time.

Retailing at around 15, its a great value piece of kit, that is well worth looking at if your in the market for a lightweight easily transportable unhooking mat.

Available from most specialist angling stores.

Korum also now have a 3 in 1 multi-mat, which is a combined unhooking mat, weight sling and carry bag.

I hope to be testing this soon.
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