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Old 25-08-2015, 21:03
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I have a total of 50m, if you put 100m on you'll probably find that the line beds in after a decent fish and won't run smoothly off on your next cast. Remember that you're not casting to the horizon with a pin so you don't need as much line as you may have on a fixed spool reel.
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Old 25-08-2015, 22:51
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Thanks for the advice mate I'll see how I get on with 50m
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Old 05-09-2015, 15:36
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For barbel, 3lb line is on the light side if you're hoping to land more than you lose. 6lb at least for float fishing; 8lb if there's a chance of a larger fish.

The line you've mentioned is fine for chub, however.
Cheers, Rich
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