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Old 31-10-2017, 21:26
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Default Merino wool

For years I've used fully synthetic Base layers and socks and last winter especially feet,would of liked being a bit warmer, never had merino wool garments and am looking at getting some . I've also noticed the mix ratio and presume the higher the wool content the warmer they are.Merino wool any good?
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Old 31-10-2017, 21:34
Jason Bean Jason Bean is offline
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Yes, I like them. You can get two pairs of soloman merino ski socks from eBay at a very good price.
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Old 31-10-2017, 23:05
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Old 31-10-2017, 23:06
Nick Coulthurst Nick Coulthurst is offline
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I much prefer merino wool to synthetics, its warmer, wicks sweat away better and doesn't stink after one wear. I always go for 100% merino and usually wait for a discounted brand. Also make sure you get the thickest you can as some merino wool garments on ebay seem very reasonably priced, but are very thin.

Nick C
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Old 01-11-2017, 00:42
Paul Collins Paul Collins is offline
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I got a set of Merinos from Marks and Spencer coming up to three years ago and they've been brilliant, plenty thick enough, without being bulky and no signs of wear yet.
Certainly the best thermals I've ever had. About 40 from memory.
Just checked and interestingly they're only 34% Merino, the rest is synthetics. Nevertheless, excellent.
Cold feet was always a problem in the winter for me, with the Merinos and a pair of Muckboot Arctic sports, toasty warm down to about -5c
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Old 05-11-2017, 23:32
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I have some Mountain Warehouse Merino base layers, no complaints and decent value
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