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Default Muck Boots Co. Spey Boots by John Attfield

Muck Boots Co. Spey Boots by John Attfield

Winter boot review - part 2

Following on from my earlier review of the Baffin Outback winter boots I have been trying out a pair of the Muck Boot Co spey boots over the Christmas/new year period particularly since the influx of extra water that has been gracing the rivers and surrounding banks which has caused a return to a wellie style boot due to the fact that walking across fields which have risen above ankle height have made the baffins unsuitable to wear.

I have tried numerous thermal style wellies over the years and although some of them are very warm the main problem has been their ability to flop about so much that any socks whatever make have always ended up underneath the soles of my feet.

Another problem is that during and after wearing this style of boot (one with a separate inner boot) that the said inner boot is completely soaked with sweat.

After several walks in the spey boots either whilst fishing or on my bailiff duties I have found these a complete revelation as they are the first boot I have worn that has not flapped around whilst wearing them and also have stayed dry inside even on an overnight session through the colder weather as normally every thing suffers from condensation of some sort.

The boots seem to be extremely well made and have an aggressive sole pattern which helps on slippery banks, the first thing that I noticed on taking them out of the box was how light they were this being due to the top half made from calf hugging neoprene which is extremely comfortable to wear.

The toe box area has just the right amount of room for a decent winter sock ( I recommend Bridgedale summits ) and the heel has the usual kick off bit to help with getting the boots off after wearing.

The inner CR foam booty is made up of different layers and what is nice is that they are part of the boot so this stops the problem of the inner boot suffering from getting sodden with sweat that I mentioned earlier.

Finally for those of you that have the realtree fetish, you will be pleased to know that the calf section of the boot is finished in advantage timber which will help those of you who fish with your feet in the water from not spooking any of the big girls!

The R.R.P is 72.50 but look around on the net as you should be able to pick these up for cheaper, I paid 65 for mine including delivery. Size wise you should go for your true size as they are a good fit.

Again Another 10 out of 10.

John (jonboy) Attfield
Jan 2007
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