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Default Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Paste

Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Paste

by Clint Walker

The weather is getting much cooler now, and I've been looking for something to boost my barbel baits, so I thought I'd give this established product from Dynamite Baits a try....

I've already use quite a few of the 'Frenzied' range from the same stable, I used to be a big fan of the glugged meat baits (no longer available?), I like their pellets and I've caught plenty of fish with them, so I was fairly confident that this would produce similar results. The paste itself is supplied in a snap shut clear plastic container which helps keep the bait in tiptop condition, even if it's been sitting in the bottom of your rucksack for a week or two. One of the main problems I've had with paste in the past is that it has a nasty tendency to dry out if left too long; not so with this one, so plus points straight away.

Because it is part of the supremely successful halibut range, this paste is the perfect complement to the already available ground bait, pellets, stick mixes and liquids which have all the ingredients you need to attract fish to your swim. The consistency and texture of the product is uniform throughout, no lumps or sloppy bits; it feels slightly oily to the touch, and is a subtle brown in colour. When kneaded between the fingers, the paste gives off the typical smell associated with the range, and quickly becomes easily malleable to allow the angler to mould it around the hook or chosen bait.

Scraping a good sized lump from the top of the container, I used it to enhance the scent of the hair rigged baits I was using by covering my boilies to make an enticing lump. It is simple to work around your chosen bait, and, once it's on, there is little chance of the paste flying off the hook on the cast as it maintains its grip very well. If you need a softer paste for close in work, then the addition of a little water will allow the hook to pull straight through on the strike. I managed to lob a cast 50-60 yards easily without losing the paste.

I've been using this throughout October as temperatures continue to fall. I tested it in lake water to find out how long the paste took to breakdown and fall off the hook. As soon as it hit the water, tiny particles, scent and an oily slick were released into the water which formed a highly visible slick in the immediate area of the hook. It took 45 minutes to breakdown completely leaving the hook exposed, so you can be confident it will be there long enough for fish to find it!

Retailing from 3.50-4.00, Dynamite Baits Halibut Paste is available from all good stockists and more information can be found at Dynamite Baits | Dynamite Baits

Clint Walker
Nov 2010
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