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Default Flavour 'Em" Bait Bags

Flavour 'Em" Bait Bags
Short Term Review


Flavoured, coloured PVA bags currently available in two sizes - 95 x 90mm and 95 x 180 mm. The samples I received were red coloured and strawberry flavoured. Other flavours and colours are planned.
These bags have been developed over the last year and are designed to burst open in approximately 30 seconds in water temperatures of around 10 degrees C. Heady, persistent strawberry aroma on opening the package, with a subtle taste of - believe it or not - strawberry!

In Use

First of all I decided to taste the bags to see if there was any improvement to the usual taste of PVA. You could argue that fish taste/smell could be different to those of humans, but as bait and bait related products are a confidence thing with me, knowing that these bags taste 'better' than standard unflavoured items helps. Can't say that I'll taste any fishy flavoured with the same relish though.

The bags certainly break down quickly and seem to provoke interest from fish, but early days yet and I need to do some more objective testing before I can draw a more definite conclusion.

There are alternative ways in which you can 'flavour' PVA - add some non PVA dissolving additive to the bag for instance - but this is not always convenient.


A fast dissolving PVA product.
Currently only one flavour and colour available - strawberry/red.
Too early to pronounce a confident verdict - I'll do some more objective comparative testing in the future.
Expensive in comparison to standard PVA bags.
If you're into using PVA bags, then could be worth checking out.
There are more innovative flavours in the pipe line that are currently being tested by the manufacturer.

More details and reviews available from

Price - 4.99 (small 95 x 90 mm) and 5.99 (large 95 x 180 mm) for 10 bags.

Bob Gill
August 2004
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