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Old 07-08-2017, 22:09
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Originally Posted by Graham Young View Post
I read this the other day and it just confirms my view that the EA hold anglers in contempt, all we are is a cash cow for them.
You've got that right Graham, will they care about the bad publicity .... Nope !
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Old 08-08-2017, 07:14
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Originally Posted by Joe Winstanley View Post
As a general rule, I always think its wise to adopt a healthy skepticism about comments which are posted on the internet by somebody unwilling to be named.

For what it's worth - as an organisation the EA ceased to exist in Wales back in Feb 2013 and was replaced by a new agency called 'Natural Resources Wales' which was formed by a merging the EA, FC and CCW.

As Dave rightly points out, the EA have never made any secret of the fact they have encouraged the building of otter holts. In they have always been quite keen to advertise the fact. To the layman its makes them look as though they are actually doing something useful.

As for the need for licencing to create an otter holt - a licence is not necessarily required. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act it would only be breached if the proposed works were going to 'knowingly' 'intentionally' or 'recklessly' disturb an existing breeding/resting site. Under the European Habitat Regs, an EPS licence would only be required if the planned work was going to damage or disturb key habitat features. I would suggest the creation of a simple timber otter holt is unlikely to breach either Reg's or require planning consent. Obviously their would be a need for consent from NE/CCW on scheduled sites such as SSSI's.

The accusation of carrying out illegal, unlicenced otter releases is quite a strong claim. Having had many years professional experience in dealing with both the EA, NE/EN and indeed CCW, I find it very unlikely that anybody in those organisations would put their careers (and final salary pensions) on the line. Not when they could have simply gone though the official channels. In my experience the EA can't raise a simple purchase order for hiring a meeting room without running up a War and Peace length audit trail, so how they could have managed to conduct a secret release program is simply beyond me (it seems all a bit Walter Mitty to be honest). And if otter reintroduction was something they aspired to then I feel sure they would have been shouting about it from the roof tops. As it is otter re-introduction was never needed in Wales as they never disappeared in the way that they did in England. In the early 1990's Wales, along with the SW, was widely considered to be an otter stronghold as the species naturally recovered following the withdrawal of certain organochlorine pesticides.
Excellent post Joe and glad someone is bringing a level of perspective to it.
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Old 08-08-2017, 08:45
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the way I see it is they're building homes for otters, that's what they think...most likely be used by anything but.

its a feel good thing for them, its unlikely to increase an already healthy population its just looks good on a news letter and a tick in the box for the good rather than the negative.

like Rhys says the otters can build there own bloody houses, if the ea have plenty of time on there hands and plenty of spare wood they could build some log cabins to ease the housing problem we have in this country..
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