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Default Enterprise Tackle Snag Safe Lead Clip & Protect A Bead by Andy Thatcher

Enterprise Tackle Snag Safe Lead Clip & Protect A Bead by Andy Thatcher

I wrote a whole description for both products but then had a look at the BFW shop and found these below. They are far better than mine so I won't make you suffer.

Snag Safe Lead Clip
The Snag Safe lead clip is a lead/feeder clip for use with a running leger set-up. It features a large bore hole to allow the line to run freely, offering minimum resistance to a taking fish. The main design feature is the actual clip itself, which can spring open under pressure to release the lead/feeder, should it become snagged. A length of silicon tube, supplied on the clip is used to hold the lead in place and helps to minimise tangles.

The clip requires a straight pull of approximately 4lbs pressure to release, so we advise a minimum of 5lb breaking strain line when using this product.

Protect A Bead
The Protect-A-Bead is a special bead that has a sleeve attached to it, that slides down over the hook length swivel. This protects the knot and swivel from damage due to gravel abrasion and buffeting by the lead. They are available in two sizes, small to suit swivel sizes 10-14 and standard to suit swivel sizes 5-10.

In Use
I have been using these in combination for 6 months.

Here are the good points of the Lead Clip..

They break.

They break.

They break!

OK it is not traditionally a good thing for an item of tackle to do and not usually seen as a good thing but with these it is.

On one of the first sessions I used them a barbel took me straight into a snag and as the description says the Clip gave way freeing the lead leaving me to land the fish.

There is nothing like landing a fish that you could have easily lost to boost confidence in a product.

The Protect A Bead again does exactly as it says on the packet protecting the swivel knot against abrasion. Does a wonderful job in conjunction with the Lead Clip.

I have used them for static and rolling/trundling presentations in heavy flows being adaptable to most styles of presentation.

They will always have a place in my tackle box.

Cost RRP BFW Shop
Protect-A-Bead 1.50

Snag Safe Lead Clip

Go the BFW On Line Shop

BFW Rating

8 out of 10

Andy Thatcher December 2001
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