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Default Insight GR60 Line

Insight GR60 Line


By the name Insight you will know that this product comes from the Leslies of Luton range of tackle. This product is marketed by Gardener throughout the country as well as Leslies.

GR60 is made in the States exclusively for Leslies.

The line is available in two colours green and clear offering breaking strains of 6,8,10,12 and 15 pound test.

In Use

I have used GR60 for 5 years.

I have used every breaking strain available and found it to be reliable in every aspect from snag fishing to trundling.

Let's get one thing out of the way - line twist.

For most barbel fisher persons this is not a problem but I have heard talk of this on the riverbank. I have used GR60 for possibly the most arduous task that can be made of a line. Long distance feeder fishing. By long distance I mean 80 - 100 yards, not imagined but measured I should add. When casting every 20 minutes and retrieving from that distance line twist is going to be an issue.

GR60 does twist but then again all lines do and GR60 is no worse than any other line, a bit better in fact. A few casts with a Gardener Spin Doctor will put things to right again should this bother you.

It is not a low diameter line so that breaking at the strike is not an issue as I have found on some modern mainlines.

Does not dramatically degrade due to sunlight. This was the main reason for trying GR60 as my previously preferred mainline was prone. So paranoid was I that I spooled up an old Baitrunner spool with 10lb GR60 and left it on a windowsill. Five years later and it is still breaking at 10lb when tested.


As reliable and consistent in manufacture as line comes. Tough as old boots and in a barbel line that is a good thing.

I said before that this product has not let me down ever. What more can I say other than I own and use no other type of mainline monofilament?

Yes that good.


18.99 for a 1000m spool in either green or clear.

BFW Rating

9 out of 10

Available from the BFW Shop.

Andy Thatcher November 2001
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